The Story Behind

We thought of creating a Medium especially for gamer, to conduct online tournaments. We are glad you are here to support us. This time we are concentrating only on PUBG Mobile.

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Be the last Player/Team alive to win upto

Live stream Hosted by iEnvy Pyro

How to join the tournament?

Only Subscribers can participate in our Tournament.

1.Login or create a new account.

2. Room ID / Password will be shown here once you login.

  3. Enter the details above in PUBG Mobile Room section to join. Only Subscribers will be rewarded.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Mobile Only Tournament, Emulators will Be Kicked out.
  2. Winners Must be a Subscriber before the tournament Time.
  3. Winners Should Share their Details within 24 Hours to Claim the reward.
  4. In case of Duo/Squad tournament, All players must be a subscriber and Sent their details separately to claim the reward.
  5. If we found You teaming up with any other, we will Disqualify both of you.
  6. Prize money will be maximum of ₹200/- (i.e) ₹50 for solo, ₹100/- for duo. ₹200/- for squad.

Previous tournament Highlights.

Gàmegod - PUBG Mobile